135mm compression and portraits.... When not to use ?

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Julia Schott
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Re: 135mm compression and portraits.... When not to use ?

Yeah. The used market is always flooded with these lenses because people get them and then mostly sit them on the shelf. Clearly the 135 would be more interesting with IS. But Canon refuses to outfit the lens w/ IS.

biza43 wrote:

The more focal lengths go below and above the standard for the format, the more specialized they become in their use. 135mm is at the top of what RF cameras can use, and it became more useful with the SLR.

For several makers, it became a lens of status of some sort: Canon 135 f2, Nikkor 135 f2 DF (defocus control), Sony-Minolta ZA 135 f1.8... at the same time, there were some popular 135mm lenses with f2.8 aperture, they were smaller and cheaper.

We all can feel allure from a fast 135mm lens, but in all honesty, most of us, or a lot of us, would be quite content with a f2.8 lens, or f2.5. In the end, it is no wonder that a 135mm lens is used less often than other lenses, same for a 14 or 15mm lens.

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