135mm compression and portraits.... When not to use ?

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Julia Schott
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Re: 135mm compression and portraits.... When not to use ?

The trouble with being "stealth" w/ a 135 on the street is that you're typically getting shots/expressions that no one really cares about. Shallow DOF/good bokeh alone does not equal a worthwhile picture.

Good photography of people often involves communicating with them, and at 135 you're too far away on the street.

Plus there's no way that a DSLR plus a 135 equals "stealth." Actually a DSLR w/ just about anything on it will not equal "stealth."

ijustloveshooting wrote:

i like 135 better than 85 for street candids,,, simply because you're more stealth i have batis 85 and found myself more comfortable when it's attached to A6000....

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