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sportyaccordy wrote:

57even wrote:

Yes, but FF isn't really defining the camera market, any more than Mercedes define the state of the car market. The recent offerings in the D3xxx and Canon Rebel market offer very little over the previous versions.

And that's the part of the market which is declining fast.

I would argue the opposite... just in the last year or so we've had 3 new FF systems launch. I think Sony has made 2 FE bodies for every APS-C E body over the same period. And I'm not even going to get into lenses. As you said the entry level crop bodies offer very little over previous versions. Why? Maybe it's manufacturers fueling a death spiral. Or maybe they have concluded that huge investments and upgrades at the bottom will yield very little payback.

The bottom end has always been built to a price, but used the same sensors and had the same IQ. Nothing new there.

The low end market is declining because people see no point in upgrading.

The FF market is ticking over because many people in that market will always buy the latest and greatest of everything, even though there's usually little point.

In a recession, luxury cars seldom suffer much of a hit. People still trade them every few years, whether they need one or not. Newness is part of the game.

Obviously if you don't care about any of that then the D6xx is a steal... and I'd wager for many old DSLRs are more than enough. But IQ hasn't been a reason to upgrade in some time now. Even Sony's top IQ camera uses an old sensor.

Hence the major decline in the frequency with which people upgrade.

Again this only makes sense if you think IQ is the only reason people upgrade. For most it hasn't since 2012.

And when did the market start declining? What is your argument? Clearly is was the primary reason most people upgraded, because they are not upgrading any more.

And like I said, even sales of high-end phones are faltering. When you can get a very good phone for $100, not many people are that bothered about spending $700. When you talk about usability and convenience, you have to consider price as well.

People in the market for $700 phones are not looking at $100 phones, and vice versa... just like people in the market for D850s aren't cross shopping them against D3400s.

Statement of the obvious.

Plus faltering in the phone world means no longer growing. And even with that, the numbers are still massive.

No longer growing overall because sales of the top end models is dropping. The trajectory of phones is following everything else in the tech business before it. PCs, laptops, cameras, phones...

Apple still sells 200 million Iphones a year at $800 a pop...

So what? A lot of people use phones.

it's very possible 1 year of Iphone sales dwarf all DILC sales ever.

So what?

And on top of that ILC sales are in complete freefall. So smartphones are only relevant in terms of their impact on camera sales....

But if $100 phone buyers are not the same market as $700 phone buyers, what makes you think $700 phone camera users are the same market as ILC users?

smartphone sales are totally irrelevant in the context of cameras,

Exactly. So what do they have to do with declining ILC sales?

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