Any experience with Z6 for weddings?

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Re: Any experience with Z6 for weddings?

Biggs23 wrote:

It is suitable as a third backup body. Without a second card slot, it's not suitable for primary usage.

Just out of curiousity, but why not? (Serious question btw, I certainly don't want to devaluate your very personal opinion on whether or not you feel more comfortable using 2 cardslots.)
The most common argument I've read so far is that some users feel more comfortable knowing 2 cards get written with the same images and that in case 1 card get's corrupted, that they at least have the other one. While others could care less and never used it for backup anyway, also during weddings, or prefer to use and switch more and smaller cards.
Because from what I've read so far it is said that the failure rate of xqd should be much lower then SDcards, so 1 XQD should certainly be more trustworthy then 1 SD card. So what if (just for arguments sake), 1 xqd card has lower potential failure rate then 2 SD cards combined, would that then change the story?

Does anyone perhaps have some references to actual numbers or reliable research (and with that I'd like to see more then somebody putting youtube comments on so called experiences into an excel...)

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