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Re: Only $700+cost of 2tb drive

stanton wrote:

I didn't know that one could buy a 500GB SSD for well under $100 . It could be that I find a deal with a regular HD then port the OS to the SSD and just use the HD for additional storage.

A lot of us have done that.  I did it three times on different PC's this year.

A problem I had on one was putting in a 500gb boot drive replacing a 2TB boot drive.   The SSD isn't really 500gb, but a fair amount less, and even more less compared to an HDD.  SSD have a limited number of writes, and so extra space is reserved to replace used-up segments.    In my case I had to get the source drive down to about 410 (?) GB in order to have enough space to clone.

So I began to move data off the 2TB and uninstall programs until I got it down to the maximum allowable size for cloning.  The clone then went just fine, and I rebooted, made sure the new drive was C and the old one was D.  Then I copied data back onto it, and reinstalled any missing programs.

I used a Samsung SSD and so was able to use Samsung's free cloning software.  It worked fine.

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