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57even wrote:

Yes, but FF isn't really defining the camera market, any more than Mercedes define the state of the car market. The recent offerings in the D3xxx and Canon Rebel market offer very little over the previous versions.

And that's the part of the market which is declining fast.

I would argue the opposite... just in the last year or so we've had 3 new FF systems launch. I think Sony has made 2 FE bodies for every APS-C E body over the same period. And I'm not even going to get into lenses. As you said the entry level crop bodies offer very little over previous versions. Why? Maybe it's manufacturers fueling a death spiral. Or maybe they have concluded that huge investments and upgrades at the bottom will yield very little payback.

It's not about how many FF systems are launching. It's about how many people are buying them.

This thread makes that all too clear:

I laughed out loud at this- "Notice how linear the trend lines are"

Do you not know how lineswork?

As for your analysis, there is nothing in your chart that shows what's happening at the format level. I.e. APS-C sales could be falling faster than FF is growing, indicating that at some point the trend will either slow, stall or possibly even reverse.

But you have an emotional investment in the death of ILCs, so such rationale and analysis goes in one ear and out the other.  Have a nice day

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