Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Why would B&H promote this??

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That is true for those who can pay for everything they need at the moment.

For some others, sadly, not so much.

They should work on their needs. I do not buy things that are not priced for me. I have not had any debts for many many years.

Good for you. You sound so proud of yourself in letting us know that you have been debt free for many years.

Absolutely. It is very fitting in a downright silly discussion of a credit card interest at a camera store. We are not talking basic needs here. We are talking about needs that can be easily suppressed.

For various reasons, some are not as fortunate as you no matter how hard they work on their needs.

Fiscal irresponsibility would be number one. There are surely many cases of hardship, circumstances beyond control. But most, I venture to say, are not.

You obviously have no concept of how being poor works.

You have no clue.

I started at the bottom, new language, new country, no friends, no relations.

Because it can be done does not mean it is easily done for everyone.

Fiscal irresponsibility is not the number one cause of poverty by a long shot.

Poverty has nothing to do what is discussed here. What we are discussing is camera store, with high value purchases. How did poverty get into this?

Seriously? Read your interaction contained within this post, you mightn't have meant to discuss poverty, but it certainly reads that way.

Not everything sold at B&H is "high value". This tangent got started and has continues because of the binary thinking introduced early in the thread.

Being born poor is the number one cause of poverty. The myth of upward mobility being only an application of will is ignorant.

There are enough examples on both sides of the argument to void both yours and mine assertions.

That is not how evaluating circumstances works. The American comedian George Burns smoked cigars daily and lived to be 100, but it is asinine to then conclude that there is evidence that smoking being healthy.

Granted , multiple children are not a helping cause.

Again with the rubbish stereotyping and problematic views.

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