Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Nothing to do with credit card debt.

tbcass wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

You obviously have no concept of how being poor works. Fiscal irresponsibility is not the number one cause of poverty by a long shot. Being born poor is the number one cause of poverty. The myth of upward mobility being only an application of will is ignorant.

That has nothing to do with getting into credit card debt because those people won't even qualify for one. Even if they could they would be better off getting public assistance. Most of the people that get into trouble with credit card debt are middle income.

Whilst most of the debt is by people with more money, there is a lot of room between abject poverty and middle income. Plenty of room for people to obtain credit and yet still struggle.

Poor people are, out of necessity, a lot smarter about handling their finances.

Not in my experience. Poor people are on the same spectrum of responsibility that everyone else is. Some people manage well, others manage poorly, most somewhere in-between; same as every other income bracket.

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