Capture One Pro Styles - Should you buy?

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Re: Capture One Pro Styles - Should you buy?

Hello girls and guys
For what it's worth, I recently became a Capture One user, and I am not looking back...

I love the fact that the image has subtle but correct color corrections from the start, thanks to the cameras and lenses profiles. Then the cursors don't allow you to go too far, unless you repeat the correction on another layer. Thus your photos are truer to life. You may then apply certain styles on their own layers (right click on the chosen style to apply it to the background or onto a layer), and reduce or increase the layer opacity to taste. Usually 50 per cent is a good start. You can apply more than one style at the time and use masking to apply it to certain portions of your image and not to others. Obviously, buying the styles from reputable colorists such as Mary Baersh, Michael Woloszynowicz or Pratik Naik does help.

Notice that the demo on C1 site are made with images which have been dulled down or RAW images, so the style can better affect the shadows and highlights.

Since I bought styles (about 80€ worth of them) from the colorists above, I find that my photos have more cohesion and have overly improved.

I do however use Photoshop for further retouching. Sometimes before applying the styles in C1, sometimes after. I also appreciate using the NIK Collection in many instances for neutral density and tonal contrast filters.

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I currently don't have many images treated with C1 and style, but the latest are. More to come obviously.

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