20mm f1.8 opinions

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Re: 20mm f1.8 opinions

CMCM wrote:

I'm interested in the 20mm for landscapes on occasion, and you wouldn't ever use f1.8 for that, but I also thought it might be good for astrophotography, which would need 1.8 or 2.8 or so.

I have the 20mm/1.8 and really like it for those same usages. Especially the very low weight makes it a no brainer for me to just drop it in my daytrip bag for when I need a wider lens.
While astro is certainly not my regular main usage, I did get this lens specifically for that usage when going on a long trip to New Zealand (replacing my 12-24F4).
And is absolutely delivered. For landscapes, for astro (also wide open or bit stopped down) as well as for a low weight, low light lens (just don't put it against peoples faces if you want to avoid facial distortion;-))

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