Why so many "Update Notifications" here on DPR?

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Re: Why so many "Update Notifications" here on DPR?

Timzee wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

Timzee wrote:

If one subscribes to a thread it seems they get a notice for EVERY response to that thread.

Only if you don't have your preferences set up the way you want them. Go to your Profile and change your Settings:

Yes I did look at those settings but it wasn't clear that any of those would produce just the one notification. Perhaps that's what "Daily" does?

The settings are only for e-mail notifications, so yes that's what Daily does - you'll get one e-mail whether there's been one or 20 responses.

Haven't tried that but does that send you a single notice one a day, or notices of all the responses once a day.

In any event, none of the options here do what I think would work best-- one notice that there's been new reponses with the note that there may be others.

As noted in another reply, if all you want to know is whether or not there have been any responses at all you can simply glance at the notification flag next to your name. I prefer this to getting e-mail, so I have turned off e-mail notifications completely.

If you're looking for something else, I suggest you post in the Site Feedback and Help forum.


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