generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

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Re: generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

Sailor Blue wrote:

The camera position has absolutely nothing to do with the positions of the lighting.

The conventional way to describe lighting placement is from the point of view of the camera. E.g. a rim light will become a front light, if you shoot from behind the model.

The main light is directly in front of the subject so it is flat frontal lighting that destroys shadows from the drape and folds of the garment and the weave of the fabric.

The subject here - an A-line skirt - is a three dimensional object. A cone, if you will. A cone does not have a front and back. If, as we agree, the main light is far to the right of camera, it makes no sense to describe this light as 'flat frontal lighting' just because the model has turned to face the light. It is still a side light, from the point of view of the camera (and the clothing) and it is modelling the skirt in just the fashion you prescribe (revealing the drape/folds etc).

The fill light is side lighting the subject, keeping the shadows on the legs and floor from going pure black.

Please feel free to keep feeling as you do but please stop trying to confuse others with your lack of understanding of the English language and lighting.

I think you're the one who is being confusing. Look at the set of pictures - from frame to frame the model turns to her left, to her right, and then faces the camera (as you would expect in a fashion shoot). In my way of describing things, the key light remains a side light, and the fill light remains a front light, regardless of the position of the model. In your way of describing things, a static lighting set-up has to be re-described every time the model moves. That is confusing.

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