Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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Re: Impossible resolution

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Plakanina wrote:

A new APSC with 26mp in 2020 not a K3 replacement that camera is history this will be NEW flagship

if it were true, 26MP resolution would require fractions of a pixel to work out.

the maximum practical resolution of 25,958,400 pixels, that Fujifilm camera achieves, falls over 40,000 pixels below the mark and barely 1.9 MP over the resolution of a 24MP sensor. When distributed geometrically, it adds about 3% increase horizontally and vertically. Negligible.

the question follows: is this "26MP" sensor just the same old 24MP but with a fraction of a mm wider surface, which any crop lens covers anyway?

in other words, marketing attempt to sell porridge as bouillie de riz.

It is new sensor generation. It looks to be based on the sensor tech from the new BSI 100MP and 150MP medium format sensors Sony introduced some time ago. The 26MP APS-C sensor has the same pixel pitch as these MF sensors.

26MP APS-C - Sony imx571

100MP MF crop - Sony imx461

150 MP MF FF - Sony imx411

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