Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Why would B&H promote this??

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That is true and but have no sympathy for them. On the positive side it makes reward credit cards possible for those of us who can manage our finances properly.

How nice that you can manage your finances properly and don't have to count yourself among the many thousands of people who carry credit card debt as a way of getting by paycheck to paycheck. Yeah, but I'm sure they're all just irresponsible and just don't know to manage their finances.

That's right. In the long run it costs far more to pay credit card interest which, for many people, is the reason they live paycheck to paycheck. What is the answer. Don't buy anything you can't pay for even if that means living hand to mouth. If you depend on credit cards to get by then apparently you don't understand simple math and how to live on a budget. Rather than buying now with a credit card make payments to yourself until you have the cash to pay for it.

That is true for those who can pay for everything they need at the moment. For some others, sadly, not so much.

Credit can indeed be a problem for lower income people who need it to buy things they need. And camera gear could be one of those things.

However, before this card they had to find a way to finance the cost so nothing has changed. No one needs to use this card.

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