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I have just returned from a photo trip to Nome, Alaska. Everyone on the trip, including the guide, was using Olympus EM-1X and one Panasonic MFT. There was only one guy on the trip still using a huge Nikon body and 600MM lens. In talking with him it seemed the reason he hadn't shifted to MFT was he didn't think he could master the controls. At every photo stop we had to wait for him to remove his tripod and set it up. I felt sorry for him, watching him struggle. I guess I should also mention he was 84 years old. Good photographer also.

The ancient 35mm film format itself seems 85 years old. Can it really last forever in to the digital age and is there any real reason for it to?

It would not surprise me if the next but one Olympics will be >8K video on m43 with the odd eccentric stalwart lugging old full frame still stuff around.

With 4% market share, they have got a lot of work do persuading all those dullards with their antiquated DSLR's to embrace the EM1 X as the modern way forward.

Maybe some of us dullards can't afford cameras like the EM1X that cost 10 weeks worth of our rent.

The privilege expressed by some of the one percenters on this forum does my head in.

Unless the funds were inherited, I doubt the 'privileged' you are referring to think of their years of hard work that way.

Not the point. The issue mainly came out of another thread and argument that The EM1X is not niche because anyone can just go out and buy one.

The simple truth is that if you can go out and buy an expensive luxury item you are privileged compared with a very large proportion of people on this planet. Whether you earned or inherited that money is a separate issue.

I have no doubt you have worked hard to afford your very expensive gear collection. But many people around the world work incredibly hard every single day just to survive. Privilege is a multi-faceted thing and many people who are privileged choose not to recognise it.

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