Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Yes and no

Years ago I started R/E photography with a 10D and a Tamron 17-35. I started getting higher end homes that were enormous on the inside (3000 sq/ft living rooms for example). I eventually moved to the original 5D whereupon I bought the first Sigma 12-24 zoom.

That lens enabled me to land some amazing jobs that changed my career.

Fast forward a couple of years and the 17TS-E was introduced. I had been thinking about TS lenses but the 24 TS-E was too long for the spaces I was shooting. So I bit the bullet and bought the 17.

It paid for itself on the first job; a $3500 shoot of commercial space.

I used that lens almost exclusively for three years. If I needed a longer FL I used the 1.4 TC for an effective 24 mm.

Work was gorgeous.

My shoots were 5-8 hours long. Properties were up to 15,000 sq/ft. Actually last week just finished a 20,000 sq/ft home.

But I now use the Canon 11-24 for almost all my shooting. I can level the camera and no perspective adjustments are needed. The lens seems actually sharper than the 17TS-E and even when I need to tilt it a bit, corrections are easy.

The 17TS-E is a lens I will choose for tight shots of tall buildings in the city as the 11-24 can fall short in this regard

I use a 5DsR, mk4 and R and the images I get are easily and often enlarged to 8 foot wide displays.

So, to sum up, the 17TS-E is a splendid lens but the 11-24 is fabulous every day. But then the 11-24 is $2700.

If I were on a budget and wanting to deliver better work for better clients I would buy a used 17TS-E and a 1.4TC. This will get you solid images particularly in constrained spaces where a non TS lens will struggle.

Later, you can add a 11-24 and buy me beer.

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