Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Why would B&H promote this??

Black Elk wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

Black Elk wrote:

Yup. Henry can spin this anyway he wants but the bottom line is that B&H is gonna make money off of this. I have no problem with a business making money......it is how they do it. Both will come out ahead. Caveat emptor. Looks like I will be going elsewhere for my camera gear.

Lol. These posts are always funny.

You don't get it.....

That you probably never bought from B&H in the first place?

That they won't miss you when you're (supposedly) gone?

That you "leave" some retailer because they offer something you don't have to partake in?

How do you not find that overreaction funny?

the bottom line is profit.

So the bottom line for a retailer is profit?

Have you reported this to the FTC? The BBB?

B&H is doing no one a favor in the long run.

Actually, they're saving buyers the amount of their sales tax.

Who cares if they make out on the deal too?

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