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Yep. I know a good few families who got a family dSLR or even a film SLR back in the years. A few years ago I saw them using it once a year thing with a big family / friends event but I haven't seen them now. 1 or 2 others have used it still now but is also the 1x or 2x thing a year. These 1 or 2 are a bit more into photography, they used to be with a camera club but have withdrawn for some years now.

Going back to the others, the family ones who don't use them now. They shot them in small JPEG, they didn't even print photos out, they stored a year + of photos onto the 1 memory card. All of these people have probably spent more on their phones than their SLRs.

What many of them want is a easy to use to camera, that produces excellent family photographs at a touch of a button, without needing to do any post processing.  So I guess when dSLRs were more popular with families, they would simply juts hand over their memory card to the lab.  With film SLRs they would just shot Fuji Superia or Kodak Gold and take the film to the local pharmacy or Walmart for a set of prints.

Back on topic. Yes with with individuals I know at my camera club. They are human too. They do like the ease of photography. When they are on holidays they are often on holiday mode, they do use their phones. Many times they might leave their real camera in the hotel. Not everyone has a compact camera, I guess they see it as a bit waste of money when they have a dSLR and for other times they have their phone. There have also been images presented to the club that was taken with a phone. 1 or 2 of them was even a finalist.

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