Nikon D700 command dial problems?

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Nikon D700 command dial problems?

Evening all, I’ve had a small issue with my D700 command dials front and rear.

I’ve discovered that they sometimes skip/miss.

For example while turning it gives the normal clicking feedback but in say aperture priority the f-stop changes with each click but sometimes it may take 2 clicks to change.

Also I thought I’d put in manual mode and try the front dial for changes shutter speed and turning right or left it also does the same thing.

Although it doesn’t do it every click turn, it’s purely random.

Almost feels like it’s normal.

I’ve turned it fast and slow and I would say it’s about a very small percent when it does it after turning back and forth on both command dials all the way through the apertures (F3.5 -F26) and back at least 10 times on each dial (front dial used for shutter speeds)

I tried this on my D300S and it didn’t miss a click on either dial, so I’m wondering if this is normal for D700 or is there an issue?

If anyone has there D700 to hand could you please test yours ?

Try in manual and aperture priority and see if you command dials every skip a setting, for example going from f3.5 turning all the way to f22, then go back to f3.5 etc

The strange thing is it doesn’t miss when I use the rear command dial to change modes , like manual, shutter, aperture or program auto.

Which I tried going back and fourth while holding mode button and it was spot on.

Look forward to your replies

Nikon D300S Nikon D700
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