Z7 auto ISO seems seriously flawed

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A few points

j2scriba wrote:

I would disagree, and that’s precisely why I brought this up:

Indeed, bringing up shadows in post gives you very much the same results as boosting ISO in camera.

Not quite.  Raising ISO from 100 to 800 will give shadows 1 and 1/6 stop less noise than boosting them in post. See this chart . However, if you are already at or above ISO 800, boosting ISO more won't help shadows relative to post-processing.

BUT with uniform high ISO the camera blows out the highlights in a predominantly dark scene.

if you have metered and set EC in such a way that lets it do so. I get it that shooting ahead from a fast-moving vehicle may not let you ETTR.

In my experience, that’s unrecoverable in post. But you can boost the shadows in post with no disadvantage over higher ISO in camera.

That’s why I’m unhappy that the auto settings prevents me from accepting seemingly underexposed pictures to recover in post in favor for either blown-out or motion-blurred captures which cannot be fixed.

Autoexposure modes on all cameras are intended to give you images that are too dark only if you tell them to do so by setting negative EC.

I tried to explain this motivation in my original post, however most replies seemed eager to to address presumed OP confusion or defend Nikon in some perceived “controversy”. I learned that the auto ISO behavior seems to be a historical relict of giving auto mode users some kind of average proper exposure.

That's what they have been intended to do ever since they were introduced half a century ago.

Unfortunately, the seemingly advanced settings which non-average users might benefit from are rendered useless by this historic strategy.

I don't find Nikon's approach useless. It just doesn't do what you want it to do. It would be nice if Nikon and other makers added the option to let teh user designate the the minimum shutter speed as a hard limit. It would not be nice if they switched behaviour so it always was a hard limit. Some people want an autoexposure mode to always be an autoexposure mode.

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