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Re: Gigapan Epic Pro V on sale

nathantw wrote:

Fishchris wrote:

I'd absolutely love to have one.... Been contemplating them for years, and have brought them up several times here on DPreview,....

But unfortunately, don't have the extra cash right now ☹️

That's always a bummer.

BTW, when you say, "seem to have fallen out of favor".... Do you mean, for something else that does a better job ?

I'd say, most folks just don't know the value of tons of digital info.

It's just my observation/opinion when I said they've fallen out of favor. If you go to the Gigapan website and look at the recent uploads the majority of the photos are just handheld pictures stitched together, so the resulting photos are less than 50 MB. A true Gigapan or panorama would be close to 500 MB or more. I've been known to do the since it's infinitely faster than waiting for the machine to do it for you.

You do need to invest a bit of time when creating a Gigapan (and I'm sure any other panorama machine) and a lot of people don't have the time or patience to do that. For example, the photo that I posted above took about 40 minutes to shoot.

With the higher resolution cameras being produced today people are just hand holding the camera and shooting. It's so much easier but it's just not accurate.

Since Gigapan was purchased by Omega Brandness the advertising for the unit had fallen to nothing. Support, though, has remained top notch. The official website hasn't been supported and kept up. The view counts on the panoramas are always breaking. It's still broken. Their forum was over run by spam and I saw complaints about the software license for the stitching software not being available. I'm not sure if that last one is true though. So, in my eyes, the units have fallen out of favor. I'm sure people aren't buying them as much as they used to.

Interesting and insightful observations. Can't remember what I paid for my original Epic but probably around 700. Also did the upgrade.

My take is that the interest in panoramas has actually increased substantially however not for prints or simply viewing/zooming a static image but more for interactive type VR applications.

I recently added a Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 to my VR toolset as it's much more suited for 360/180 images using a fisheye lens.

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