Camera phones and YOU.

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Re: Camera phones and YOU.

I  have used my phone for some pic but its to much work getting the files on the computer with the cloud you gotta wait and wait. but on the other hand I attended a concert in Thailand last winter and the searched all our bags for cameras and camcordrs but left every one with their smart phones. and if you looked from the stage to the audience all you could see was a wave of smart phone happily recording the event andblocking every ones view who had the misfortuen to be behind them The wer almost as annoying as the screaming girls heheheheh. ok i lied the cameras were not all that annoying and I was shooting stills with mine.  Which  begs the question about why bother with the search in the first place.,  because its mildly annoying when every one is holding his or her phone up but qite another if every one were holding up a camcorder or a full dress DSLR or a noisy camera.

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