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Mackiesback wrote:

I am sure there is a percentage of soccer moms that bought a Canon kit at Costco who have now moved to their phone, but I still remain somewhat unconvinced that the cell phone market effects much more than the old compact market. I just don't see the two end users overlapping much.

Pure speculation, of course.

Let's look at this from a different perspective. Rather than looking at things from the view of camera type, look at it from the view of viewing medium. I'd say over time there have been 4 types of photo viewers:

  • folks who still get photos printed at the pharmacy, regardless of camera
  • casual computer viewers
  • serious computer viewers & printers
  • smartphone viewers

Folks in group A are an increasingly vanishing group. They are totally outside of the technology paradigm.

I wager most ILC buyers were in group B during the upside of the ILC boom. For context, the Iphone and Android phones first came out in 2008. However, cell networks were generally trash in the context of data until maybe 2011? That also coincided with the launch of Facebook mobile, which I think was the main driver of the switch in how many people stored and viewed photos. That's about when the standalone camera became an albatross in the workflow for casual users. Remember, about 2/3-3/4 of people in the developed world are on Facebook.... a scary stat... but I think it's highly unlikely that the remaining population are the majority of ILC users.

So coming back to my group, I think group #2 mostly became group #4, because the majority of photographers just wanted the lowest path of resistance to decent IQ and easy photo viewing. Once phone hardware and mobile networks became useful in the realm of snapshot photography, the supplanting started. I don't think it's any coincidence that ILCs immediately began to fall in sales a bit later (they peaked in 2012). There is a strong argument for causation IMO.

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