Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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Re: Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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They better come with K-1 III with 50 Mpx in 2020. In crop mode this camera would give 33 Mpx and that is already more than 26 Mpx. So, Pentaxian having both full frame and APS-C lenses would be happy...

Except that I do want a camera that big and heavy...

But 5r82 still has a point. No one with a reasonable number of DA lenses and on the fence about 'moving up' is going to buy a FF camera that then gives them less resolution than they already have. A crop mode of > 24-26mpx might encourage more current APS-C owners to upsize.

Me, I'm still holding out for the

I would say "might" is the operative word here. Have we every done a survey on why APS users have not moved to FF? cost? size? Or conversely what would make them move.


The word "move" might be a debatable word in what you've just said above. I am not alone in having added the K1 and then the upgrade to K1ii without having gotten rid of any [some got rid of "some" but not "all"] of my APS-C cameras or lenses. I initially wanted the K1 in order to make better use of the excellent quality film-era Pentax lenses. A 26MP Pentax APS-C camera appeals to me for its potential of making "better" use of Pentax LTD lenses.

Makes a lot of sense about getting the best out of the LTD lenses but no point if you already have 24MP. The jump for me from K-30 to K-70 was a great upgrade allowing 22% bigger prints as well as all other improvements.

26MP over 24MP prints only yields 4% bigger prints or cropping!!!!!

I find the modern Pentax lenses including the LTDs are way better than most film era lenses even for APS-C, lenses like 20-40 Limited are simply fantastic with the HD coatings for a landscape photographer especially...

If I had a K1 I'd be wanting the DFA lenses, although the cost, size and weight, and the fact that the APSC is so good means I'm not lusting after the system but could pick up a cheap used one someday.

"might", "move"... ya "lust" is the word



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