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I think phones had a huge affect on P&S sales, not so much DSLR sales. But in both cases it is about convenience, not because they want "better".

For sure, phones definitely hit P&S sales hard. But ILC sales are down by 1/2 from the peak. And it seems most of those sales are at the bottom of the market. Definitely seems like phones are having an effect there too.

Perhaps an effect, but I think it is far easier to pin it on the fact that the pipeline is full, and the new models don't offer enough of an upgrade to keep the early adoption/saturation ordering cycle humming at the same level as it was when the pipeline was just getting filled. This happens with TVs, Home PCs, heck, it is even starting to happen with cell phones. It is ridiculously predictable, and has nothing to do with the quality of the product or the condition of the economy.

Market maturity does play a part, but as you said, that's a default condition for pretty much all electronics. ILC sales have done much worse over the last decade or so than cell phones, and some of that has to be attributed to the fact that for many cell phones have made ILCs just as redundant as compacts.

People speak to the superior IQ of ILCs over compacts as if that matters to people who mainly view photos on a 3x5 screen, and aren't really concerned with cutting edge IQ in the first place. Many of those people bought DSLRs back in the day and will never buy an ILC again.

I am sure there is a percentage of soccer moms that bought a Canon kit at Costco who have now moved to their phone, but I still remain somewhat unconvinced that the cell phone market effects much more than the old compact market. I just don't see the two end users overlapping much.

Pure speculation, of course.

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