POLL: Why did you stop buying new cameras?

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POLL: Why did you stop buying new cameras?

You hear a lot in these forums about how the masses have stopped buying cameras because their smartphones were good enough. And this is the cause of the shrinking market for new cameras, and all the problems that camera makers are having today. The smartphone is the culprit, or so the conventional wisdom goes.

But what about us? The die-hard photo enthusiasts who use this website. The folks who would never dream about using a smartphone for photography, The people who visit this website four times a day, and have a dozen cameras on their gearlists? Why aren't WE buying new cameras at the same rate we previously did?

It rained last weekend, so I was bored and indoors, so I compiled gearlist statistics for cameras announced since 2012. And I was shocked by how few new cameras we are adding to our gearlists.

Like all polls, Gearlist has it's own limitations. It depends on voluntary participation, it is limited to a portion of the potential market, and people could enter false information. But that is true for every other metric we have, and this is a huge sample base, with over 100,000 new high end cameras (my definition of "high end" is any ILC or large sensored compact.) added during the period. So I feel it is a good representation of how we behave as a group.

The change is really very dramatic.

Just seven years ago we added over 21,000 new high end cameras to our gearlists. In 2018, the last full year, we added only around 1,300. We know why the general population stopped buying cameras, but why did the photo enthusiasts stop buying them too?

So, why have you stopped buying new cameras?

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I currently have every camera and lens I will ever need. If I buy any more, my wife will kill me.
6.1% 13  votes
The new cameras might be marginally better, but my old ones still get the job done for me.
51.9% 110  votes
New cameras are too expensive. I'd love to buy a new Olympus EM1X, but I'd rather spend $3,000 on something else.
10.8% 23  votes
They aren't making something I want to buy. Where is the Nikon D860, or the Canon 7D Mark III? If they make what I want, I will buy it.
11.8% 25  votes
I prefer using my smartphone. It is the best camera I ever had, because it is always with me.
3.3% 7  votes
Some other reason (explain in reply)
9.4% 20  votes
What are you talking about? I just preordered a Hasselblad XD1c, and four Sony GM lenses for my a9. Those statistics must be faked. I spend half my salary on new cameras and lenses!
6.6% 14  votes
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