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Re: Monitor upgrade?

Simon Garrett wrote:

sygnus21 wrote:

Countrylight wrote:

Given that I want to do a reasonable amount of printing will I find the 76.9% RGB gamut of the U2415 a problem?

There are too many variables to properly answer this type of question. My suggestion is to calibrate the monitor and go from there.

Agree with that.

Preferably calibrate/profile the monitor (with a hardware colorimiter: i1 display pro, colormunki display, Spyder 5...) and use colour-managed software (most photo editing software, but Microsoft Windows 10 Photos app is not colour managed; most browsers are colour-managed but not IE or Edge).

If you don't want to calibrate/profile and use colour managed software, then always work in sRGB colour space and get a monitor with a colour gamut as close as possible to 100% of sRGB, neither more nor less. The U2415 is pretty close to sRGB.

Note that "RGB" and "aRGB" are not colour spaces. I think you probably meant "76.9% of Adobe RGB"

Good point Simon. I believe it is about 99% sRGB. At least I recall that when purchased.

To the OP, I think you would be very happy with the U2415.

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