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Re: Oak processionary nest

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

I must confess I have to apologise.

when I saw your photos, I was alarmed, especially with the focal lengths that you used.

I thought "this guy don't have the smallest idea what he's photographing!"

But then I read the rest. So I'm sorry.

And I'm surprise with this thing geographic distribution, I'm not from Northern Europe, I'm from South Europe.

I thought so.  The pine variant is not as common here, and proper oaks as hosts are probably not as common in your place, so there is probably not that much habitat overlap.  I don't think there is a lot of difference regarding their toxicity, though.

Some entities issue a warning when they get toxic and around about

They closed a nearby park including restauration on pentecost, one of the most important dates for revenue, because of the critters.

I think where I'm from those entities don't differentiate the species in theirs warnings .

Basically it mostly concerns the kind of trees you have to be wary around.  The plague itself is pretty much the same.

Well, if I was sleepy yesterday your photos wake me up

Last year I educated myself because there were lots of caterpillars below a wind-split oak elsewhere on the premises and I feared it might be them (well no, they were some common kind of nettle-eating butterfly larvae I forgot the English name for).  So when a housemate said that a riding student had spotted oak processionaries I said "yeah sure" and strolled out to take a look.  Unfortunately, not more than one look was necessary.  So I knew quite well the bad news they are.

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