generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

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Re: generally flat lighting with additional focussed shadow till the end

Sailor Blue wrote:

elliotn wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

Frankly I don't think the lighting is very good.

For fashion you want light that shows off the fashion. This means hard or semi-hard side lighting that throws shadows that highlight the drape and folds of the fashion and show the weave of the fabric. You then add a soft fill light to control the darkness of the shadows.

Well, that's exactly what this photographer has done. What's the problem?

Read what I said more carefully.

The lighting shown is aimed directly at the front of the subject so it is flat lighting on the subject. This flat lighting hides the drape and folds of the fashion and the weave of the fabric.

To get shadows to show the drape, fold, and weave you need light from the side of the subject, not flat on to the subject.

Typical is with the subject facing the camera and the light located perhaps 45° to the side and up 30°-45° to emulate sunlight.

The key light in this picture is coming from way off camera right. It is anything but a frontal light.

The fill light is frontal. It is very soft and is coming from above and behind the camera position. It is about one stop below the key light.

This is exactly the lighting structure that you are prescribing.

However, I assume that you feel the fill has been dialled in too high, and that there is not enough depth to the shadows.

For the purposes of this shoot — a look book — I think the photographer has got the lighting ratio just right.

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