Why would B&H promote this??

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Re: Why would B&H promote this??

Timzee wrote:

Spent tens of thousands of dollars over decades at B&H and have never had anything negative to say about them. However when I received my last order from them ($300) there was a card inserted promoting this "Payboo" card that one could use to save sales tax in some instances.

Searched here and found a few discussions related to Payboo and I have to admit it sounded good UNTIL I looked into the terms. The annual Percentage Rate (APR) for
Purchases is 29.99 per cent! Further searches reveals the average APR these days is 17.73% which is high enough, but 30%?!

Now obviously if one pays the balance before the due date they can avoid this ridiculous surcharge, but hey-- I can't imagine why B&H would want to have anything to do with this card.

Would I use it? Well, I guess if I was buying an expensive item from their store I'd have to consider it, but at the same time it would leave me with a bitter taste by promoting this "service".

Just my $.02...

All the credit card "cash back" programs are based on having some people not pay on time and end up paying interest, the fewer customers they have and the better they are on average paying their CC bills on time the higher the APR would have to be.

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