How to know what dioptric adjustment lens to get?

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Re: How to know what dioptric adjustment lens to get?

In that case, you have farsightedness. That agrees with the PLUS 2.25 on your glasses prescription.

That would also explain running out of adjustment on the diopter wheel. That wheel will only go to +1, because few people need much positive-side adjustment.

My readers are 2.75 or 3 from the drugstore.

Just curious: is that strong enough for you? The glasses prescription indicated a 4.5 total for the reading part. See my comment below from today re a new adjustment to this....

From all this, it's now fairly clear to me that you should be looking for a POSITIVE diopter adjustment lens. Since the camera's diopter wheel has two diopters each side of center for fine-tuning, you probably want to go high. Going all the way to a +3 should be relatively safe -- that would give you a range of +1 to +5 diopters. You're already at +1 with the diopter wheel (if I understand correctly).

Here's a Canon article about dioptric lenses:

Thanks, I've read the article before but I'm going to read it again and see what I missed because I clearly missed something in all my research.

[I went back to the Ophthalmologist today and she gave me a reduction in my prescription since the reader portion was too strong for me. So, is the distance portion but it's not too bad, I can live with it. New/Readjusted prescription is Distance/Sphere = 2 and Readers/Add = +1.5 (I know it doesn't adjust for astigmatism/mine is -.75)

Everything I've read and everyone before I found this forum said to get the negative for distance so I got the -2. Which is completely useless and nothing is in focus!

...So, questions:

... The article says: "The lenses are available in different strengths, typically from –4 dioptres (for short-sightedness) to +3 (for long-sightedness)." So, Since I'm ONLY looking for a distance diopter, this indicates that I SHOULD have a NEGATIVE not a positive, so now I'm totally confused by the suggestion of getting/needing a +3? What am I missing/not understanding here?

...When you say, I'm already at +1 with the internal diopter wheel potential.,. are you assuming I've adjusted the wheel to the POSITIVE side?

...I thought I'd test the internal diopter WITH glasses to see what that was like if I was using glasseses instead and THAT was fuzzy! I will try this again with the tripod.

[I forgot about the -1 built into the camera, so the -2 was really a -1]

Thanks again!

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