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Re: Oak processionary nest

Dak on cam wrote:

lomoapontaechuta wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

Bill Borne wrote:

Dak on cam wrote:

One nest of two. About 3m from my bedroom window. *Censored*

Zoomed in a little too much I think?????

Depends on just what one wants to see. At the top of the photograph you can see individuals crawling about, at a larger scale that's harder to see. Let me run outside for a moment: the light is still good enough for a non-flash photograph.

Well, almost. Best of three hand-helds showing the two nests left and right of the oak (and my bathroom window).

Here is a closeup shot of the upper part of the right nest (had to use the flash after all):

And here is a crop of that:

And I think now I have a few more pustules.

The landlord said he'll take care of them but he is not one of the fastest and I fear that they may terminally leave the nest for pupating (they leave it in processions some time in the night for feeding frenzies in their current stage but return), ruining the best opportunity for extermination. Those guys are bad news for anybody with skin and/or lungs.

Thanks for that. I wanted to see some kind of context of the nest. Now are they some kind of spider???????

No. they are caterpillars, very toxic ones. In My country they are called pine tree caterpillars or simple Processionary.

The pine tree ones are related but not the same species. Pretty much the same kind of plague, though, and there are even crossovers to the less favorite tree.

they can kill a pine tree in no time but they can be found in others resinous trees

stay away from them, don't try to get rid of them, don't burn them, don't squash them.

they've got those little hairs that can cause tissue necrosis in short period, those hairs can be carried by the wind and can cause severe skin irritation if it lands on skin.

It's a nightmare for dog owners like me because it can lead to very expensive vet bills and if the dog survives (sometimes not) they end up with half of the tongue or blind or both.

But can be equally dangerous for humans.

I hate those things.

I hope our cats are smart enough to stay away until they have been taken care of.

that's the problem, they are very curious and they could bite the caterpillar or touch it.

if that happens you have to be very quick because you are against the clock once that happens. Wash the affected zone with plenty of water  mouth or/ and eyes. and go to the nearest vet.ASAP.

Often, the treatment is the same, the vet end up cutting off the affected zone, with the eyes nothing can be done to safe them, as far as I know.

If you have kids, be careful.

And you be careful, with yourself. You seem aware of the danger, just don't be too bold.

I don't know if it's the same species or other species but what I put in bold ticked all the boxes.

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