Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

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Re: Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

Chris R-UK wrote:

Only a small portion of the first shot is in sharp focus and the most of the detail has gone in the out of focus areas.

The second shot has a much larger area in acceptable focus and shows much more detail.

Hi Chris,

The first shot is mine and I think the reason the first photo has the moon periphery out of focus is because teleconverter shrinks the already narrow depth of field of the 70-400. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though because it illustrates depth, where as the second photo appears flat because everything is equally in focus on a spherical object. Also, I feel the edges of the craters, particularly with shadows accentuating them, are softer by comparison to some of the craters on the first photo. The central peaks within the major craters (the little mounds) appear more defined in the first photo than the second.

tbcass frames it as an "argument to settle" when it isn't, it's simply a difference of opinion: an OP in a previous thread was debating between the two lenses and noted the softness of the Tamron beyond 500mm. I provided a sample photo taken where I manually focused using a teleconverter, saying if the focal limitation to 400mm with the Sony lens is an issue use the 1.4TC, noting I would be surprised if the Tamron were as sharp as the first photo.


tbcass subsequently responded with his own photo and asked if I was convinced the Tamron were better than I originally thought. I said not really, and I believe his photo validated the OP's statement because the edges of the craters themselves appear softer than the first.  His argument is details relative to cost, mine is simply the details at a near equivalent focal length with a teleconverter.

The Tamron lens isn't bad, but it simply isn't as sharp as the Sony with the teleconverter.  I even noted that perhaps the photo could be made a smidge sharper if the lens were microadjusted (I don't know if it is or not) and if manually focused to get that sweet spot that may require a slight nudge of focus one way or another.

Other than crater edges as the only real means to compare, this is apples to oranges anyways.  It's manual focus vs autofocus, full frame vs APSC, 560mm vs 900mm (600 with 1.5 crop), ND8 filter vs none, one moon phase vs another, the list goes on.

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