Camera phones and YOU.

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Neither great art nor great photography was claimed. But when I make a snapshot,the possibility of "problems with the edges" is not a super high priority.

It's freeing. When you know your IQ is going to have problems no matter what you do and your image will never be anything but a snapshot, you are excused from worrying about a whole bunch of stuff. You can make a picture that is about nothing but the subject, the colors ( or monochrome tones) and the composition.

This is a good point. With smartphones, there's nowhere to hide. You're pretty much wholly dependent on the composition, so you better put your creative cap on. I can see how that would scare or infuriate pixel peepers and gear snobs.

Why would it scare or infuriate gear snobs?

Because they have convinced themselves that the only path to good photography is through their expensive gear.

The path to the best photography is. That's not a phone diss. But you're acting like there are no limits to camera phones.

The best in whose opinion? The post you quoted is a clear acknowledgement of phone's capabilities ("With smartphones, there's nowhere to hide. You're pretty much wholly dependent on the composition") so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Yes, they take great pictures of the things that fall in their wheelhouse (selfies, 'street' and some landscape), but you can't do all the same photography with a phone that you can with a normal camera. A Nikon D5 with only a 300mm mounted is also limited. Just be realistic.

Obviously... nothing I've said is contrary to this.

Your replies are also revealing that your intent of this thread wasn't as innocent as you claimed, and I was basically correct in my first comment.

You said you wanted a civil conversation, yet keep calling those you don't agree with "camera snobs".

No, I call camera snobs camera snobs. There are phone zealots too. In any case you are looking for a fight where there isn't one. If you want civil conversation do your part

Dont spend time talking to jonsi...aka Borat!, its like talking to deaf ears!. And he is a real samrtphone hater in here!. And ofcourse his smartphone capabilities is very limited as he owns a iphone 6 with no zoom and s h i t ty low light performance

Yeah, the camera on his $700 smartphone is no good so he should buy a $1200 smartphone...

Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?

Funny thing, no one ever says that to photographers with $700 Nikons.

You realize the difference between iphone 6 and the latest from Huawei and Pixel?

somehow, if wonder if they do. A toaster from 5 years ago still performs like a toaster, but a smartphone from 5 years ago shoots like a potato.

But you have some of these people who are used to the very linear, glacial pace of change with regular cameras thinking the same must be true with smartphone cameras when in fact the change is more like exponential.

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