Decent new PC for old photographer... Under $1000? Possible?

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stanton wrote:

"TN" and "IPS" are acronyms I hadn't been familiar with. What I understand is that IPS is supposedly the way to go, though I wouldn't know how to recognize one over the other.

It's usually in the tech specs details of the monitor. Anything that is good enough quality to consider will tell you the Panel type.   If it doesn't say, assume TN.

The monitor that it is currently connected to is my NEC via DVI. Again, when I bought it 10+ years ago it set me back... And while I know it's not as sharp and detailed as a 4k model, it looks a whole lot better than when it was being pushed by the (dedicated) video card from the HP tower that just died. I know this video card will rock anything I hook it up to. Perhaps I'll hang on for another month or two to let the money replenish first so I have enough to get the monitor that I really way, rather than settling because of price.

Hey, if your old monitor still looks good, there is no rush to upgrade it. Hang on to it until it dies or you stumble across a good deal on an upgrade.

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