Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

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Re: Which of these looks sharper/better to you?

tbcass wrote:

Bobthearch wrote:

The first photo seems slightly more detailed, maybe because the features are simply larger because it's zoomed in closer?

Also, I like the composition of the first photo better, a traditional moon shape. The second photo, due to the shadow, looks like a giant egg.

Also, the 'best' features are right at the edge of the shadow, and with deep shade in the craters. This provides a point of interest for the viewers' eyes.

They are both random crops from a larger photo. The question isn't about composition or points of interest but the technical quality. It's a comparison between 2 different lenses, one a Sony 70-400 with a 1.4 TC mounted on a 42mp FF camera and the other a Tamron 150-600 mounted on a 24mp APS-C camera. The Sony is nearly 3 times the cost of the Tamron.

The second looks better to me, but there's not a lot in it. Certainly neither is three times better than the other.

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