Camera phones and YOU.

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Re: Fun with the phone camera

sportyaccordy wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

I think phones had a huge affect on P&S sales, not so much DSLR sales. But in both cases it is about convenience, not because they want "better".

For sure, phones definitely hit P&S sales hard. But ILC sales are down by 1/2 from the peak. And it seems most of those sales are at the bottom of the market. Definitely seems like phones are having an effect there too.

And better is subjective. For many, convenient is better. This isn't foreign to the photography community either. Most major camera innovations (film to digital, auto focus/exposure/white balance, video) have been convenience based. Even image quality helps with convenience- more base ISO DR = less bracketing. Higher resolution sensors = shorter lenses get more reach. Better high ISO performance = smaller, slower lenses- maybe zooms- and possibly smaller formats too. So the pursuit of convenience is hardly limited to civilians... it's huge for enthusiasts and pros too.

Yes.  I was just referring to the convenience of access (the phone is always with us).  I probably should have been clearer.

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