Olympus OM Film Era Lenses

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Rol Lei Nut wrote:

evogt500 wrote:

Gesture wrote:

They seem to have a unique stop-down mechanism. Will they adapt OK to mirrorless cameras? Thanks.

The only thing unique is that the Depth of field preview button is on the lens itself, instead of on the camera body. They will work fine on mirrorless cameras as well as some DSLRs. I like them a lot because of their image quality, build quality and compactness.


Their other particularity is that they often have the diaphragm ring at the front of the lens and the lens release button on the lens..

They tend to be tiny, light and very good.

As with all brands, some models are better than others, sometimes even different versions of the same apparent model.

The lens release button on the lens is great for adapting.  I usually use the Canon EF mount as a base and adapt for that.  Unlike Pentax-K or Nikon F mount, the OM mount adapter does not need to be removed when swapping OM lenses.  If you have a lot of OM lenses (I think I have about 8 OM lenses at the moment) it a very helpful feature.

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