Camera phones and YOU.

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Re: Fun with the phone camera

sportyaccordy wrote:

I'm sure there are millions of ILCs collecting dust in drawers and closets as their owners do all their photography with their phones. Most people don't care about the things that make ILCs "better". It's all very relative.

While obviously just conjecture, I happen to believe you're right.  Though I think it's mostly out of convenience.

People already have a camera in their phone, their phone is in their pocket, and they are good, so just use it.

The conjecture about "most people" is very likely correct if you refer to "most people" on Earth. They don't care about ILC's or even point and shoots.  Their phone takes pictures and that's all they need.

I think within the photography community "most people" don't go out to capture an image to put on their wall and grab their phone to do it.

I'm not saying they can't, and I know some do. But most probably don't.  I'll assume that's what you mean by it being relative.

I think phones had a huge affect on P&S sales, not so much DSLR sales. But in both cases it is about convenience, not because they want "better".

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