PanaLeica 10-25mm F1.7 Questions

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Re: How does it revolve in G9 Hires mode?

Jorginho wrote:

How does it perform on say an Em 1 mark 2 or E M1 X?

Tested it on an E-M1X last night. Single AF is extremely quick, though not quite as fast as with DFD S-AF on the GH5. Continuous AF was a very similar to the Olympus 12-100mm, which was the only sort-of comparable lens I had handy.

The stepless aperture does not function on the Olympus bodies right now (and I'd be very surprised to see firmware address this.

How its performance wide open and compared to it stopped down?

Central sharpness is excellent through to F9, but I'm still in the practical testing phase. No charts yet!

How does it AF in video?

Very nicely on the E-M1X. With the E-M II firmware released today, I'd expect similar performance.

Flaring in sun or under artifical light?

Well controlled. Certainly much better than the Sigma 18-35/Speedbooster combo.

Thx for asking Jordan!

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