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For Astro Landscapes ALL XF f1.2 & f/1.4 Lenses Are Poor Wide Open

Glad your liking the XF23 Marco for the subjects you shoot.  It is terrific stopped down.  At f5.6, its stunning.

Wanted to respond w/ a differing opinion re f11.4 for anyone doing astro.  I own the XF16, XF23 & XF56.  Fuji has compromised edge IQ of all 3 to keep lens size down.  (The XF35 may be even worse from looking at Lenstip review.)  The large amount of vignetting in these demonstrates the size problem.  All 3 must be stopped down to f1.8-f2.2 to get sharp edges.

Unfortunately the XF23 also suffers from high astigmatism even in the center @ f1.4 so star fields turn to mush.

Astro is a harsh test of lenses and the demands of general photography are less.  The XF23 @ f1.4 can produce acceptable results for may applications.

marco1974 wrote:

Here: cut yourselves open!

100% straight out-of-camera JPEG, captured with the amazing XF 23/1.4R.


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