Moving on from Olympus to Panasonic LX10?

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Moving on from Olympus to Panasonic LX10?

I have an Olympus E-PM1 right now and while it's been great in broad daylight, I was very disappointed with it in low light settings. The noise was just unacceptable and the only real fix is to buy a much faster (read: expensive) lens. I debated with this but then realized that I don't really use the telephoto lens or macro/wide angle adapters that much. In fact, I think I only ever used those things was on my big Scotland/London and honeymoon trips (Kauai for those who are curious...explosive colors!). Also, I had always meant to read and use the myriad tools and features at my disposal with the E-PM1 but was kind of daunted and confused by the navigation. I usually just ended up making sure I had the large resolution selected and shot in JPG/RAW mode and did a lot of my tweaking in Photoshop.

Now I have kids and I find myself using it much more often but kind of sucks when it comes to taking acceptable photos of them (the more you tell the kids to stay still, the more they move). The speed of the E-PM1 just isn't cutting it, especially indoors. Outside with plenty of daylight, it's fine, but I need an all-purpose solution that covers just about all the kiddie scenarios.

To that end, I started poking around for a camera that was simple, portable, and yet meet my needs for awesome pictures. Enter the LX10. Maybe the biggest perks I see is that it has the 1" sensor and a f/1.4! I love taking photos that blur the background nicely as well as being able to take pictures indoors during family functions where it's more dim.

$600 is a lot to ask, though, so I'm wondering if it's *really* worth taking the jump.

My questions to you guys who hopefully have more "real world" experience with this baby:

How does it perform in low light or even nighttime? Is the flash OK? Nasty shadows or acceptable?'s it work with them?

RAW format work all right? I read about post-focusing...sounds interesting. Anyone use it?

Is the zoom acceptable for most situations?

Anyone interested in buying my E-PM1? LOL!

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