32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

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Re: 32" or 34" 4K IPS Monitor

Bill Heiser wrote:

I've learned from experts on this topic (people who do retouching & high end printing for a living) that this same issue with monitor dot pitch also affects sharpening. e.g. its not possible to do critical sharpening on a 4K monitor. The dot pitch is so fine that it makes images appear sharp even if they're not, and you can't see the individual pixels to properly do the sharpening.

Why don't they just get a large 4K monitor with the same dot pitch as their smaller monitor?

E.g. the LG 43UD79 costs $569 with a dot pitch similar to a 24" FHD monitor. The rtings.com review looks like it would be OK except if used in the dark.


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