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Re: Milky Way inspiration

Dan Zafra wrote:

Hoka Hey wrote:

Dan Zafra wrote:

Hi Hoka,

I think there is no need to mention the 25 authors of this article on this post when you can just click the article and see their images/stories/websites and social media.
All the images and information was authorized and submitted by them with prior consent.

I just wanted to share their work with the community, hope it wasn't misunderstood!

As long as you have their permission to publish their images without attribution to promote your business for profit, it’s ethical.

As mentioned, In the article you'll see the author, location, caption, website, Instagram, Facebook page and 500 px of each author.
All of them accepted and submitted the images for the project.

It looks like the sole point to this thread is to promote your photography travel business using other peoples work without attribution. I would be curious to know if they gave you permission to use their images without the information contained in your website. That is what you did here.

i also wonder whether this forum is the right place for self promotion of your workshops.

Even if it is, these are not close to the best MW images anywhere. Check out the astro forum for far better works. Here is a link to the world's best astro photography

If you want to inspire folks point them there.

Finally, since your post is about astrophotography/nightscapes, why don’t you post it to the astro forum and see what kind of a welcome you get there.

To those other than OP, sorry about the Angry Guy Rant. The original post seems completely inappropriate on a number of different levels.

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