What update could G9 use?

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What update could G9 use?

I wanted to write this yesterday, due to my interest in the HiRes mode 2 of the S1R specifically. Of course the Oly FW update today just added to think about what the somewhat similar G9 could ""learn" form those camera's.

I do not own a G9 for basically one reason (or two):
- HiRes mode gets you max 1 second exposures. So that is 8 s in total and really long exposures for either northern lights or some landscape photography is limited.
- Live composite mode is also important to me for lightning shots.

Here is the thing:
- Oly gets us 60 seconds of exposure for a whopping 480s Hires shot. That is just a huge difference
- G90 has Light composite mode which is what Live Composite is to Em1.2 and other OMD cams.
- S1R and S1 both have another trick on their sleeves in HiRes: a mode 1 and a mode 2.
Mode 2 is a mode where anything that has moved is exchanged for (I guess) and upressed version of that part of the shot taken out of the single shot also available.

So personally I think this is what Panasonic should do (and it is pretty Obvious):

1) Please get the mode 2 of the S series in the G9
2) Please add Light compoistion mode from the G90
3) Please get us much longer exposures in Hires modes

1) Hires seriously lowers noise, I think it is 3 stops on my Em1.2. But you cannot shoot above ISO1600 in HiRes mode. I would love to get it up to ISO12800 which essentially means the shot will now look lie a single ISO1600 shot. Very good!
2) It seems using the procesisng power of the EM1.2 while editting on your PC is very nice. Would love it. If it works out great what a smart use of available hardware by Oly!
3) In OLy HiRes we can tether, we can use strobes and flashes. Not so on G9. Again: limitting for no good reason (AFAIK).

What would you like to see in a Panasonic FW update that is available in either Em1.2 or the S series?

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