Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

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Re: Fujifilm 35mm F/1.4 vs F/2

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

The f/2 version has a lot going for it, including faster AF and WR; but, the images coming out of the 35/1.4 have a little bit more character and I like f/1.4.

I read somewhere that the Fujifilm lens designer deliberately selected an older lens design for the 35/1.4 to achieve the optical look it produces. I don't use the 35mm primes enough to be able to see this difference for myself; but, pixie dust is pixie dust.


The manual/AF clutch selection is also interesting on the 35/1.4.

That's an old myth about the 35 1.4 that has never been confirmed and frankly has no merit whatsoever. Scoring high on MTF vs. "character" is silly talk. However I do like the images people produce with it - if that's character due to the lens, great lens.

Yeah. I was trying for mild sarcasm in my last post.

I don't use either 35mm prime that much as I prefer the 23mm FOV. But, the 35/1.4 can go f/1.4 and its optical imperfections remind me of older 50mm primes from other systems where there has been a price paid for fast glass. Hence I think the 50/1.4 has "character". Not like Instax prints have "character"; but, I can make images that I'm very happy with using it.

And I can say without question that the 35 f/2 is a weaker lens optically. It has very high distortion to the extent that the auto correction doesn't even correct it well enough. And the fringing can be high.

If I'm taking shots where I think the distortion and weaknesses of the 35 f/2 might hurt the image, I don't use it. And to be honest, I've seen quite a few great images from that lens.

I noticed the image quality difference a little when doing a direct A/B of 35/2 vs. 35/1.4 and 50/2 vs. 56/1.2. Especially when shot at closer distances. The differences are not big enough to make me think it has to be one version over the other. I'm really happy about the f/2 primes' small size, decent pricing, WR, and AF speeds. It is just none of these lenses makes me sell any of my f/1.4 to f/1.2 primes.

Agree - not sure any of them pass over the pain point of replacement. However, I think the 50 f/2 stands alone in that it's performance is really good all the way around. Not enough to make you switch or add, but enough to make me willing to buy one myself.

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