Bit depth = levels of gradient?

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Re: Bit depth = levels of gradient?

filmrescue wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

J A C S wrote:

The levels are as many as I said. How many of them are distinguishable in a typical photo with whatever criterion, is a different question.

The OP isn't factoring in noise, though, so the OP is basically applying math to myth.

Explain please. This ultimately is to calculate how many levels of gradient I would have to work with given different systems of capturing extremely low contrast film negatives. In practical use, it isn't noise that I see when capturing a low contrast film negative with 12 BIT dslr vs a 16 bit scanner it's posterization because I don't have enough levels of gradient with a 12 bit capture for an extremely low contrast negative. Not sure how that's myth.

What's the resolution of your camera, what area of film are you capturing, and are you using a good macro lens ?

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