Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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Re: Pentax 26mp APSC in the works

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So what's this 26mpx sensor?

Sony, I assume?

Most possibly; probably tweaking the sensor in XT-3 to the conventional pattern instead of X-trans pattern.

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Pentax is buying a shipping container full of X-T30, a tanker truck full of navy-color paint, and some hardwood for grips.

That's how we know it'll be 26MP

Good one I don’t trust Pentax with a truck full of paint though 😊

Looks like a Lego camera, just what the typical Pentax pensioner wants to buy with retirement money.

While these crazy colors have no appeal to most Pentax users who are getting on in years, I bet they would sell well to U.S. teenagers. Look at Fuji Instax sales -- and their variety of colors. But most U.S. teenagers couldn't see such a multicolor Pentax because Pentax here has no presence in the "big-box" stores such as Target, Walmart, BestBuy, where crazy-colored cameras would most likely be seen, handled, and bought by them.

The white K-30 was good but it must have been magic mushroom season.

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