Loving Rokinon AF 45/1.8

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Re: Loving Rokinon AF 45/1.8

For people that have the front focus at infinity issue, what camera are you using?

I tried to replicate the issue with my A7III with center focus only and my MF and AF-S results are the same. I tried it both at f1.8 and F8 and didn't see a difference.

It's quickly becoming my favorite walkabout lens. I do find it plasticky though, definitely worse build quality than the 50mm f1.8. I also think the bokeh is pretty terrible with it being busy and cat-eye shaped. That said, the bokeh is still better than older manual focus 40-45mm lenses like the CV 40mm f1.4 and Contax Planar T 45mm.

In terms of sharpness for me (just going by some quick shots with no tripod)

50mm f1.8 < 45mm f1.8 < 40mm f1.2 < 55mm f1.8

I took it to the county fair and I think it's a keeper. Might have to get rid of the 50 though.

County Fair Images with the Samyang 45mm f1.8

Cat-eye bokeh!

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