A FF Dp2 camera?

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Re: A FF Dp2 camera?

I think Sigma should make 5 of them with f2.8 lenses:

1 - 17mm f2.8 (the largest of the group, but much smaller than the SD camera with the 14mm f1.8 Art)

2 - 24mm f2.8 (significantly smaller lens than the 24mm f1.4 Art)

3 - 35mm f2.8 (also significantly smaller than its f1.4 Art counterpart)

4 - 50mm f2.8 (a true 50mm camera, not a wider view, like the 45mm equiv. of the DP2 Merrill and DP2 Quattro cameras)

5 - 80mm f2.8 (an excellent quality portrait camera, with a tiny little bit more reach than the current DP3 cameras have)

I think they should call them the new DP1 through DP5 cameras, and they should all be able to use the same optional EVF, which would cost $299 and slide onto the hotshoe, and include a pass-through to a hotshoe on top of the EVF, so flash can be used normally with the EVF. Sigma should make this camera with a USB-C port, which powers and charges, while a USB power pack/block or computer is plugged into the camera. The camera should work with Sigma Capture Pro, using the USB-C connection. There should be a new, faster, flat-top flash for the full-frame DP series cameras, and there should be a new line of flashes with Wi-Fi triggering and control. They should include Wi-Fi, and add Wi-Fi flash triggering and control of their new flashes (two models for the SD cameras, and a smaller, less-expensive model for the DP series).

Sigma could make an optional tilting EVF or tilting adapter, like the one Fuji makes for their medium format cameras. They should also make a couple of bags, including one which will hold all five DP series cameras, a few memory cards, and a couple of spare batteries.

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